Why choose a puppy from one of the club's breeders?

Why choose a puppy from one of the club´s breeders?
(Functions and advantages of the breeders' club)
International papers ...
 asp/RRCS - The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Switzerland (RRCS) is a part of the Swiss Cynological Society (SKG), which belongs to the umbrella organization, Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). FCI papers are recognized worldwide.
 There are unfortunately, sometimes other so-called "certificates" and papers which are creatively generated by some “breeders” on their own home computer. Typically, the likelihood of this "creativity" often occurs if the breeder has neither been admitted to the FCI exhibitions nor recognized as a proper breeder.
Beware of bargains
 Beware of puppies which are offered to you as a "good opportunity" - for example, on a motorway service area “from car door to car door”, by listing them as a "bargain" on an Internet sales platform. Extreme care must be taken when you see neither the mother nor any siblings in such a trade.  Typically the puppy was quickly procured somewhere, and has both physical and psychological deficits because his mother was taken away too early and the puppy was never properly socialized.

Responsible puppy acquisition
Even if we feel sorry for the little one, we should be aware that for every puppy an irresponsible trader sells, the mother dog has usually given birth under bad circumstances. As such, even if the sale price when compared to that for a F.C.I. puppy is favorable – over the long term it is likely more expensive considering the likelihood of the costs for veterinarians and dog trainers.
Recommended price
According to the breeding regulations of the RRCS, puppies are delivered at the age of 9-10 weeks. A healthy puppy at this age, with proper papers and an animal “passport” (2x vaccinated), chipped and dewormed, currently costs between CHF 2,200 and CHF 2,500. In most cases, the food for the first few weeks is also included. For the so-called "faulty" puppies (without Ridge, displaced/more or less than 2 crowns, dermoid sinus, bite anomaly, etc.) there is typically a price reduction.

Controlled breeding
To be admitted to the SKG/FCI, Rhodesian Ridgebacks must pass a breeding test between the age of two to three. For a RRCS license, the dogs are examined by two directors in respect to the dog´s character as well as by a Breed Judge in relation to the external physical traits of the dog.
Health control
All potential breeding dogs are X-rayed on HD, ED and OCD (dysplasia of the hip, elbow and shoulder). Before the delivery, the puppies are examined, vaccinated and chipped by a veterinarian and receive an official acceptance report from the RRCS breeding line for the new owners. Dogs with genetic defects (e.g., dermoid sinus, crown, rod, or jaw defects), of course, obtain F.C.I. offspring papers since they are pure-bred, but no breeding permit.

Incorrect or missing Ridge
There are some Rhodesian Ridgebacks without the characteristic Ridge. In each litter, puppies without or with a faulty Ridge may occur. These are purely external faults and do not affect the character or the health of the dog - he can become a dog equally as solid, and heathy as his siblings and, just as loving. If you are not interested in exhibitions or breeding, this is perhaps exactly the Ridgeback that is suitable for you.
Rearing and consulting
All proper breeders not only watch over the mother dog during the nine-week gestation period, but are also available for the litter round-the-clock during the nine-week rearing period. The puppies develop in close contact with the breeder and their family and are carefully socialized and integrated. During this time, the puppies learn the correct way of dealing with large and small people, other house pets and all sorts of other environmental stimuli.

Healthy, appropriate attitude guaranteed
Both the breeder and the litter are monitored by the RRCS, and following each litter (with more than eight puppies), the mother dog receives a break from breeding for at least one year.
Trustworthy care
RRCS breeders also provide you advice and assistance on how to keep, feed, educate and train your Rhodesian Ridgeback. In this way, friendships have often arisen between breeders and the new puppy owners. As a member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Switzerland, you will always be able to find like-minded people: people who have lost their hearts to this truly unique and beautiful dog from Africa - the Rhodesian Ridgeback.